proyect id: seco house
type: architecture + interior design

Ample site, breathtaking views, and open clients were key factors for the success of this project.
The architectural design was focused on wanting to discover every inch of the house,
the views the site had to offer, natural light washing strategic walls to create different moods,
and of course, the small details that make a house a home.

This was a home our clients would retire in. It was important that the location of bedrooms, dining,
living, and service areas shared the same level. By using a distribution buffer, we created privacy
for the bedrooms from the dining and living spaces (also important to our clients).

Square footage: 3,767.37 ft2
Status: Built project
Year: 2019 

Seco House presents itself as part of the site. By using locally sourced materials for the envelope, we were able to merge a series of volumes with the surroundings. As if the structure was already sitting, waiting for it to be used as a shelter.

We used a warm pallette for the interior, creating cozy and modern spaces. 

studio roman lavalle.